Test – Video shows a negligible difference in performance with 8GB OnePlus 5

Previously we have compared the OnePlus 5 to its doppelganger: the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, as well as Samsung’s Galaxy S8. When it came to performance, the OnePlus 5 was beat by the iPhone 7 Plus, but it was a close race between the three flagships.

Other phones aside, how does the OnePlus 5 compare to itself? More specifically: How much of an impact does the additional 2GB of RAM make in performance of these two tiers?

Speed Test – OnePlus 5 vs HTC U11 vs Galaxy S8 | Galaxy S8 can do many things the new OnePlus 5 can’t

YouTuber Timmers EM1 pitted both tiers of the OnePlus 5 head-to-head in a side-by-side speed test, running the same consecutive list of apps.

There were no notable differences in loading times for opening less intensive apps while one or two games showed a negligible difference in load time. Otherwise, both smartphones were able to keep a fair amount of apps saved into the RAM.

So while the difference in RAM between devices is negligible, the only reason that remains to shell out an extra $60 on the OnePlus 5 is to get double the internal storage, given that the OnePlus 5 does not have expandable storage.

OnePlus 5 vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus – Speed Test

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