Face Unlock in OnePlus 5T is faster than iPhone X’s Face ID

As this is essentially an updated version of the OnePlus 5, there are not too many changes to note. However, the biggest change is one which marks the start of a new chapter – Face Unlock feature on the OnePlus 5T.

The face unlock simply uses the front-facing camera, it’s nowhere near as complicated as Apple’s Face ID, but it still works with surprising accuracy and speed.

OnePlus has added a new face-unlocking feature for those moments when you want to access the phone while it’s sitting on a surface. It’s for people who want to unlock their phones in an instant without fumbling around for the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.

In fact, it’s called “Face Unlock” for a reason — all it can do is unlock your OnePlus 5T. Of note, since Face Unlock blows right past the lock screen, there’s a nifty new gesture to make notifications more easily accessible. When enabled, you can simply swipe down on the fingerprint sensor while on any screen and the notification pane will open.

According to OnePlus, Face Unlock uses more than 100 unique identifiers to unlock the OnePlus 5T, and it reads them using the phone’s standard front-facing camera. The solution is absolutely nothing like Face ID on the iPhone X, which beams 30,000 infrared dots onto a user’s face, maps them using an infrared camera, and continuously updates its data each time Face ID is used.

Face ID isn’t really slow in general, but it feels slow because of how fast other technologies can unlock a phone. But compared to Face Unlock on the OnePlus 5T, Face ID on the iPhone X is slow.

And while Face Unlock isn’t anywhere near as secure as Face ID on the iPhone X. But for those who are more concerned with convenience than security, Face Unlock is going to blow you away. It does have one big advantage over Apple’s solution: It’s insanely fast.

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