New Leaks Reveal Fantastic Features Of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to debut a number of new features, and one of the most keenly awaited of those is the dual camera system on the rear of the phablet. Thanks to the publication of a number of technical documents, we have a better idea what the Note 8’s imaging system will be able to deliver.

Documentation from South Korea suggests that the Note 8 is going for the full suite of functionality from the advanced optical system.

Material on the Samsung-Electro Mechanics website notes the features that its cameras are capable of, including the four key powers of a dual camera system – zoom, perspective, low light ability, and depth information.

Depth information allows the artistic portraits with the background moving out of focus, as seen in the portrait modes of many dual camera smartphones already on the market.

The more information gathered the better low light images are, so this is a given.Zoom will be an interesting one, with the SEM documentation suggesting a 3x optical zoom is possible.

And for the big gee-whizz moment, you have perspective. Thanks to the two cameras being side by side they take a very slightly different image. This would allow a user to (very slightly) twist the viewpoint that the photo has been taken from.

Expecting Samsung to go big on the imaging capabilities of the Note 8. These four key features show off four almost magical effects in a smartphone. Not only that, but the Note 8 will have first mover advantage over Apple and the iPhone 8.

Apple will be drawing on its experiences with the iPhone 7 Plus’ dual camera system, but Samsung has a traditional advantage in terms of image quality over Apple that could easily negate that, especially as it can set the story and be first to market with some of these features.

With hardware specifications looking to favour Samsung, and Apple’s iPhone 8 facing up to stock shortage issues, these dual camera features could be the keys that the South Korean company will use to convince consumers that the phablet they need is the Note 8.

Samsung will launch the phone on August 23 in an event in New York. The phone is a big deal for Samsung, with the Note line literally going up in flames a year ago because of faulty batteries. The Note 7 suffered through two recalls before being killed off less than two months after the device went on sale.

But it’s not so ominous for the South Korean giant. Samsung last week posted its latest earnings, announcing a net profit of 11.05 trillion won over the last quarter (about $9.95 billion). According to The Wall Street Journal, that’s an 89 percent increase from Samsung’s earnings a year ago.

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