Renders Show Off Galaxy Note 8 And Its S Pen Stylus, Confirm A Big Surprise

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has just surfaced in new renders, and this time around we’re getting to see the device from the front and back, while its S Pen stylus is also pictured here.

From the front, the phone looks very similar to the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus, the Infinity display makes a comeback here, and it’s curved on the sides. Interestingly enough, the Bixby button is not present on the left-hand side of this phone, which leads us to believe this could be just a concept render of some sort.

The power / lock key is visible on the right side of the phone, and the device’s volume up and volume down buttons are placed on the left.

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If we flip the device around, you will get to see the phone’s dual camera setup, its dual-LED, dual tone flash and also a fingerprint scanner which is placed in an awkward position yet again. The phone’s main cameras, LED flash and a fingerprint scanner are all in the same row, and are placed quite high, which seems to be a common thing when it comes to recent Galaxy Note 8 leaks.

Some rumors suggested that the fingerprint scanner will be placed lower on the phone’s back, but pretty much every leak that surfaced in the last couple of weeks is showing the setup we’re seeing here. It seems less and less likely that the company will include an in-display fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy Note 8. The company’s logo is visible on the back of the device as well, and the phone’s back side is curved on the sides.

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The S Pen stylus is pictured here as well, and it actually resembles the Galaxy Note 7’s stylus quite a bit. The second image in the gallery down below will give you a closer look at the phone’s dual camera setup, and it seems like the phone is in a case here, because the first image is clearly showing us a glass back, and that’s not the case with the second one.

The Galaxy Note 8 is expected to arrive in August, before IFA in Berlin starts (September 1st), at least according to the latest rumor that surfaced. The device will probably sport a 6.3-inch QHD+ Super AMOLED display with an 18.5:9 aspect ratio, and it will pack in 6GB of RAM. This phablet will, probably, be fueled by the Snapdragon 835 64-bit octa-core SoC, though there’s a chance Samsung will include the yet-unreleased Snapdragon 836 in there instead. Now, the Qualcomm-made SoC will fuel the Galaxy Note 8 in certain markets, like the US, for example, while Samsung’s Exynos 8895 will ship inside of the device in some other markets in Asia and Europe.

Posting on Twitter Jonathan Endicott, CEO of popular case maker Slickwraps, revealed a crude CAD of the Note 8 which again shows that Samsung has not managed to integrate its fingerprint reader into the display. Instead it will try to placate users by addressing arguably the biggest criticism of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.

According to the CAD, Samsung has increased the distance of the rear mounted fingerprint reader from the rear camera.

This should mean users don’t smudge their camera lens so often, something Samsung recognised happens so frequently with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus that it inserted a regular warning that users should remember to clean their camera lens. Yes, the reader a) be in the display to avoid this completely or b) sit both more centrally and lower down, but it’s something.

Next comes the ever prolific Mobile Fun, which contacted me to confirm it has received Samsung’s official cases for the Galaxy Note 8.

The company isn’t sharing images at this stage, but speaking to me Mobile Fun confirmed there are 21 cases spread across six different ranges including basic and leather cases, two-piece support cases and cases which continue Samsung’s ‘LED view’ preview feature.

From this the site told me the following observations: the hated ‘Pop Covers’ will return, likely Galaxy Note 8 colors include Orchid Grey, Deep Blue, Black, Silver and Gold and case RRPs have increased from the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 indicating the Galaxy Note 8 “is likely to be a lot more expensive than the S8 range of smartphones”.

And yes the fingerprint sensor is on the back, it is not integrated into the main display.

The full range of official Samsung cases and part numbers can be seen below and you will find them now listed now for pre-order on Mobile Fun’s UK and US sites:

  • Alcantara Cover Black – EF-XN950ABEGWW – 8806088930886 – $53.49 / £49.99

  • Alcantara Cover Dark Grey – EF-XN950AJEGWW – 8806088930923 – $53.49 / £49.99

  • Alcantara Cover Khaki – EF-XN950AKEGWW – 8806088930947 – $53.49 / £49.99

  • Alcantara Cover Pink – EF-XN950APEGWW – 8806088930954 – $53.49 / £49.99

  • Back Pack 3,100mAh Wireless Charging Case – EB-TN950CBEGWW – 8806088946627 – $94.99 / £89.00

  • Clear View Stand Cover Black – EF-ZN950CBEGWW – 8806088935119 – $58.99 / £55.00

  • Clear View Stand Cover Gold – EF-ZN950CFEGWW – 8806088935041 – $58.99 / £55.00

  • Clear View Stand Cover Blue – EF-ZN950CNEGWW – 8806088934969 – $58.99 / £55.00

  • Clear View Stand Cover Grey – EF-ZN950CVEGWW – 8806088934891 – $58.99 / £55.00

  • Genuine Leather Cover Brown – EF-WN950LAEGWW – 8806088935232 – $62.99/ £59.00

  • Genuine Leather Cover Black – EF-WN950LBEGWW – 8806088936178 – $62.99/ £59.00

  • LED View Cover Black – EF-NN950PBEGWW – 8806088936178 – $58.99 / £59.00

  • LED View Cover Gold – EF-NN950PFEGWW – 8806088936215 – $58.99 / £59.00

  • LED View Cover Deep Blue – EF-NN950PNEGWW – 8806088936284 – $58.99 / £59.00

  • LED View Cover Orchid Grey – EF-NN950PVEGWW – 8806088936345 – $58.99 / £59.00

  • Protective Cover Black – EF-RN950CBEGWW – 8806088935010 – $15.99 / £14.99

  • Protective Cover Deep Blue – EF-RN950CNEGWW – 8806088934914 – $15.99 / £14.99

  • 2-Piece Pop Cover Black – EF-MN950CBEGWW – 8806088935256 – $21.49 / £19.99

  • 2-Piece Pop Cover Grey / Green – EF-MN950CGEGWW – 8806088935287 – $21.49 / £19.99

  • 2-Piece Pop Cover Deep Blue – EF-RN950CNEGWW – 8806088935096 – $21.49 / £19.99

  • 2-Piece Pop Cover Grey / Orange – EF-MN950COEGWW – 8806088935300 – $21.49 / £19.99

So is Samsung doing enough to tempt users away from the iPhone 8, which will launch around the same time? Arguably Samsung’s Infinity Display design should be enough to tempt millions as it is both the best and (easily) the most jaw dropping display on smartphones today.

But faced with Apple’s ever greater iPhone 8 changes and Google’s supersized Pixel 2, I’m not so sure. I fear for Samsung and the Galaxy Note 8 given its jaw dropping price tag

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