Google billboard suggests Pixel 2 event date of October 4

A billboard, spotted in Boston, with the phrase “ask more of your phone” accompanied by a Google logo the date of October 4.

Reports initially suggested that Google would hold its Pixel 2 event on October 5, but according to the picture of a billboard in Boston that was just sent to us, they may double down and do it again on October 4.

Of course, the billboard could mean something else, but the timing certainly matches up well to an expected Q4 Google product event. And again, last year’s Pixel event took place on October 4, so this would make a lot of sense. The billboard is also talking about asking more of your phone, rather than promoting a special Boston-specific Google event of some sort.

But we do know what current leaks and rumors are pointing to: two phones from different manufacturers, with the smaller Pixel sticking with a design closer to the original and the larger phone going with something closer to an LG V30. Expect a slightly newer version of Android Oreo with a few extra features, and of course some app and service updates that make it all sing.

We’ve reached out to Google for confirmation on October 4 being the correct date for their next big event and will update this post if we hear back.

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