Most Attractive iPhone 8 Design, Apple’s trick to prevent iPhone 8 delays

iPhone 8 will finally be unveiled in mid-September and released later that month. Or perhaps it won’t hit store shelves until October. Maybe Apple will even wait until October to announce the iPhone 8 just ahead of release. Or maybe the company won’t be able to launch the phone until sometime in November.

There are indeed still a number of question marks surrounding Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 unveiling and release schedule, as analysts and leakers all continue to chime in with their own opinions, some based on fact and others on fiction.

The reality of the situation is that it will likely still be some time before we know exactly what Apple has planning in terms of timing. But while there is still plenty of mystery surrounding the iPhone 8’s release, questions surrounding the phone’s design appear to all have been answered at this point.

Now, thanks to a new video, we can see exactly how stunning Apple’s upcoming new iPhone 8 will be if everything we’ve seen and heard so far pans out.

Apple’s iPhone 8 is the hottest upcoming new device on the planet right now, and Apple fans couldn’t possibly be more excited to see it take shape. After three years with the same old iPhone design, Apple is finally preparing to unleash a completely redesigned iPhone with exciting new features like an all-screen front side, a new OLED display panel, an upgraded dual-lens rear camera, and a glass case back to enable wireless charging.

iPhone 8; power button may double up as Touch ID sensor

YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone took all of the rumors and leaks we’ve seen so far, and used them to create what very well might be the most stunning iPhone 8 mockup we’ve seen at this point. It’s fantastic. The overall look and shape of the phone have the fit and finish of a real iPhone, so the video does a terrific job of getting users excited for Apple’s upcoming announcement.

Now, it’s important to note that the following video is split into two parts.

The first part of the video shows a breathtaking iPhone 8 design that is somewhat rooted in reality. The completely bezel-less display is impossible considering the confines of currently available technology, and the real iPhone 8 will likely look like this instead. But the overall shape and design appear to be spot on aside from that.

The second part of the video is, well, utter nonsense. It’s stupid. It shows an “iPhone 8 Hands On” reel with a bunch of ridiculous features that will 1,000% not be found on Apple’s next iPhone because they’re for the most part impossible. Examples include some bizarre (and useless) cloaking feature, a touch-sensitive edge for volume controls, a secondary notification display embedded in the Apple logo on the back, and long-range wireless charging, which absolutely will not be found in any smartphones released in 2017.

Apple’s trick to prevent iPhone 8 delays

According to recent reports have stated that the iPhone 8 will see significant delays, with some of the bleakest forecasts saying the phone may hit stores in November or later. But a new report reveals one ingenious way for Apple to prevent iPhone 8 “delays.

Rather than announcing the iPhone 8 during a regular early September iPhone keynote we’ve come to expect from Apple every year, Apple might postpone the event to October this year. This trick might limit the iPhone 8’s perceived delay. Rather than months between announcements and release, iPhone fans might only have to wait a few weeks to get one following the handset’s unveiling.

iPhone 8 ; rumor claims iPhone 8 is hiding a fingerprint sensor, price may start at $1,200

The rumor comes from Apple fan site iGeneration, which learned about it from trusted sources. This isn’t the first time the French-language blog has posted an Apple scoop. A few months ago, the site revealed the iPhone 8 would feature an advanced 3D camera system from STMicroelectronics, and other reports have since added weight to the rumor.

However, iGeneration did not reveal any details about this October event.

Some analysts already expect that the iPhone 8 won’t have any positive impact on Apple’s September quarter. But they see huge December and March quarters for Apple. If the iPhone 8 effect is already lost for the September quarter, it makes sense to delay the iPhone 8 event. That way, Apple could prevent iPhone 7s sales from getting hurt in the weeks after launch, as fans wait for the iPhone 8 to hit stores.

There’s one other thing to consider when talking about Apple’s future keynotes. It’s likely that Apple will use its new campus to host events going forward, but it’s unclear whether the new amphitheater is going to be ready by September.

What’s also interesting is that iGeneration says Apple will host a separate event in late August to unveil a new version of the iPhone SE. Of course, it’s highly unlikely that Apple would host an event for the SE alone, so we’ll definitely see other new products unveiled in August if Apple does indeed host an event.

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