Korean Version Of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Can Be Available With 256 GB Storage

There was good news and bad news to be found in the leak — Samsung’s upcoming flagship device Galaxy Note 8 will also be available with 256 GB Storage option but it may be exclusive version for Korea.

Earlier we have confirmed that the phone would not have a fingerprint sensor embedded in the display, as had been rumored previously.

The design itself looked nice and sleek, though it was only a CAD drawing based on schematics from the factory, so it was up to the user’s imagination to envision what the finished phone might look like. Plenty of renders have leaked since then, but there’s obviously nothing like the real deal.

Well, today we have good news for those of you who don’t have very good imaginations: Live photos of a fully functional Galaxy Note 8 have leaked for the first time ever.

Samsung has already confirmed that it will unveil the Galaxy Note 8 during its upcoming press conference on August 23rd, and the phone is expected to be released in the weeks that follow.

The most recent report pegs September 15th as the phone’s release date in the first round of markets, including South Korea and the United States.

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