12 MP main camera with dual-pixel autofocus and a 13 MP telephoto camera with 2x fixed optical zoom in Galaxy Note 8

A new report from Samsung’s home country of Korea gives us some details about the handset’s dual rear camera setup, a first for the company’s flagships.

It will allegedly consist of a 12 MP main unit with dual-pixel autofocus and a 13 MP telephoto camera which will enable 2x fixed optical zoom. Both sensors will have optical image stabilization. The zoom amount differs from what past reports told us (namely, that it would be 3x), take that into account.

Samsung’s dual camera solution will allow for background blur effects to be applied, as you may have anticipated, but it will also provide brighter low-light images.

“While Samsung Electronics had had tendencies in the past to release new products with state-of-the-art specifications as quickly as possible, now it has changed its strategy and decided to release products after raising degree of completion of technologies as much as possible.” said a representative for an industry. “It seems that Samsung Electronics has come to a conclusion that markets for dual cameras will start to blossom on full-scale.”

Samsung sure took its time in joining the dual rear camera trend, which has been going on for quite a while in the mobile world. This is said to have been on purpose, with the company not wanting to jump on the train before the technology was mature enough.

Now that it is, the Note8 will be just the beginning – the company’s goal is to have dual rear cameras in all its phones eventually. The first non-flagship line to get the new feature will be the Galaxy A (2018).

“Sales and operating profits of Smartphone parts manufacturers will increase starting from second half of this year until next year as Samsung Electronics has decided to equip its Smartphones with dual cameras.” said Park Kang-ho who is a researcher for Daishin Securities Co., Ltd. “Even though Smartphone markets are currently at low growth, increase in number of applications of high-value products that have high unit costs will increase sales for companies related to Smartphone markets.”

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