Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be better than Galaxy S8?

Samsung fans haven’t got too long to wait until the all-new Galaxy Note 8 get its grand unveiling. This latest Note 8 device will be shown to the world on August 23 at an Unpacked event in New York. Rumours suggest this phablet will get a host of new features including an updated Infinity display which will curve around the sides of the device.

Faster processor, upgraded S Pen and improved iris/facial recognition are also expected. Although these are all welcome additions there is one new feature that could set the Note 8 apart from its Galaxy S8 sibling.

It’s thought the Note 8 will include a dual-lens rear camera which will allow users to zoom and add DSLR-style depth of field to pictures. With Apple including a dual-lens system on its iPhone 7 Plus many were surprised that Samsung chose not to feature something similar on the Galaxy S8.

Now it seems the Korean technology firm is boosting its photography credentials and the Note 8 could become the leader of the pack. Dutch website Galaxy Club is speculating that the new dual-lens snapper on the Note 8 will be capable of taking images with a 3x optical zoom and feature an improved HDR mode.

This new HDR feature will mean the camera will be able to take better shots in low and tricky light situations. Similar to the iPhone 7 Plus, it’s also likely that users will be able to focus on an subject with the rest of the image appearing blurred.

This depth-of-field mode has given iPhone users the ability to produce incredible images that appear to have be taken on a professional camera. Now Samsung owners could be about to get the ability to snap similar images and the Note 8 may even include the ability to refocus on different subjects after the photo is taken.

After the disaster of the exploding Galaxy Note 7, Samsung needs to get its Note series back on track and it seems this new flagship will certainly help to bring fans back to the popular brand.

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