Samsung Galaxy S9 may feature 3D sensor-equipped front camera

The launch of the Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9+ is still far away, but the first rumors about Samsung’s new devices have already been dropping . A new rumor suggests that the Galaxy S9 Series is equipped with a new front-facing 3D camera to enhance face recognition functionality.

According to a new tweet from “Ice universe,” who took to the Twitter platform with the news on October 12. It should be said that, as is almost always the case with leaks, the new information should be taken with a degree of skepticism – particularly in cases where there is no firm evidence or source provided to back the information up.

With that out of the way, the inclusion of a 3D sensor – which the poster in question goes on to describe as functioning similarly to how the one on Apple’s iPhone X does – wouldn’t be altogether surprising. With the iPhone X the sensor is used to assist in facial recognition, making security protocols built around biometrics tied to the technology much more accurate than what is currently available elsewhere.

Samsung won’t necessarily drop support of its fingerprint sensor, especially with consideration for how much effort the company has put into trying to get one in place in the display itself.

However, including a 3D sensor for security would seem to be a reasonable way for Samsung to offer one more layer of protection for users to choose from.

As to the latest speculation about these devices, it has been suggested that they will arrive powered by a new Snapdragon 845 SoC in the U.S., while world-faring versions will see an updated Exynos SoC on board.

Basically, with the new sensors, you can expect improved speed in focus, as well as the ability for the camera to keep locked-on and track moving objects. On its blog, Samsung promises that this will all be possible in low light too, vowing that it’ll keep the next smartphone bump-free, while also delivering ‘bokeh’ depth of focus effects with just a single lens.

If the leaks bear any truth, the device is also expected to continue along the trend set by its predecessors in terms of downsized bezels surrounding the display and the 3D sensor will be linked up with a camera array built in-house by Samsung.

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