Report: US consumer safety watchdog to investigate latest fire incident involving safe Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Shortly after it came to light that a safe Samsung Galaxy Note 7 unit caught fire on a plane in the US, the country’s Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has confirmed that it will launch a probe into the incident.

“CPSC is moving expeditiously to investigate this incident,” said the agency’s chairman Elliott F. Kaye.

He also said that their staff has already reached out to the FAA and Samsung to know more about the incident, and will also get in touch with the owner of the phone.

“I want to reiterate my call for consumers who have the recalled Galaxy Note 7 to keep their smartphones powered down and to immediately take advantage of the remedies being offered by Samsung. Consumers should know that one of the remedies is a refund.”

For its part, Samsung said the company will only be in a position to share anything after they get access to the device. “Until we are able to retrieve the device, we cannot confirm that this incident involves the new Note 7,” a spokesperson for the tech giant said.

“We are working with the authorities and Southwest now to recover the device and confirm the cause. Once we have examined the device we will have more information to share.”

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