2 Biggest Point Of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, New Leaked Images Of Galaxy S8 Active

Earlier this month the company ‘accidentally’ leaked it and now Samsung has gone a step further and officially promoted its massive size and new design…

This details came this week when the company sent out official press launch invites for its latest and, arguably, most important smartphone to date. But more importantly Samsung chose to give away two of the handset’s biggest talking points.

#1 Size

Multiple leaks from credible sources have shown the Galaxy Note 8 will be the largest premium smartphone Samsung has ever made sporting a whopping 6.3-inch, 19.5:9 aspect ratio display. Now Samsung’s official catchphrase for the event is: “Do Bigger Things”.

It’s a nice pun given the Galaxy Note range’s famous stylus driven focus on productivity (the stylus is also highlighted in the invite), but it is also clearly a way for Samsung to prepare people for a display size that may initially seem off-putting.

This is a smart move because of reason number two…

#2 New Design

While a 6.3-inch smartphone is obviously a big device, what will minimise its footprint is switching the range to the almost bezel-less Infinity Display used in the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. In fact this allowed Samsung to enlarge the Galaxy S8 Plus to 6.2-inches and keep it (just about) usable in one hand (with one still-stupid exception).

Furthermore the Galaxy Note 8 invite repeats the trick Samsung used with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus whereby the silhouette shown was the outline of the phone and its minimal bezels. Extrapolating this image, my regular collaborator Benjamin Geskin was able to compare the Galaxy Note 8 (right) with the Galaxy S8 (left) and Galaxy S8 Plus (middle).

Yes the Galaxy Note 8 is one big phone. But it is also a phone with slightly more squared bezels, a potential last minute design alternation which leaked in detail earlier this week.

Price Barrier

Of course the problem Samsung faces is convincing users to pay an asking price which is expected to start from $1,100. Some help will come from Apple, which is dramatically hiking the iPhone 8’s price as well. As such when you also throw in Google’s gorgeous Pixel 2 XL, 2017 is likely to finish with three of the most impressive smartphones ever made.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Leaked Images

Active lineup from Samsung is known for being one of those phone lineups that can survive a drop without sweating out your pocket. The rugged devices are meant to be used by people who work in situations where their devices can get mishandled, and having a device that can withstand abuses offers a peace of mind that is worth trading against the looks of the device.

Previous devices in the Active lineup could retain some semblance to their S-series siblings because of how Samsung styled the main S-lineup in recent years. But with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ taking on an entirely new minimal bezel and curved screen approach, we were curious to see how the Active device would shape up. And now we have our first set of live images of what is allegedly the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active.

These images come to us courtesy of a thread in the Galaxy S8 subreddit, but the thread with its accompanying videos have been removed to bring down any chances of identification. But since it had been made available online, mirrors for the images have popped up, because of course.

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As can be seen, the Galaxy S8 Active allegedly sports a flat display panel, understandably ditching the curved sides in favor of a more rugged build. Unlike its predecessors, the S8 Active sports capacitive keys instead of physical buttons for navigation. The Bixby button is also carried over from the S8 line.

The SIM card holder also doubles up as the microSD card holder on the back side. The device is also said to be made of polycarbonate and sports metallic sides, all of which incite a lot of confidence while handling the device; a stark contrast to the fragility of its S8 siblings.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+: launches with its own Apple Siri rival called Bixby | Official Introduction | First Unboxing [Video]

The S8 Active is said to be thicker than the S8 and S8+, thanks in part to its larger 4000mAh battery. For the rest of its specifications, we can expect the device to be mostly based off the Galaxy S8. The S8 Active is rumored to be an AT&T exclusive, but the device bears no mention of carrier branding on the hardware in these images.

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