Action Launcher v34 now available from the Play Store, makes improvements to AdaptiveZoom, adaptive icons, and more – [APK Download]

Action Launcher is rolling out a update, it includes enhancements to features introduced in previous versions, such as AdaptiveZoom and adaptive icons. AdaptiveZoom now includes an API that allows developers to control how their app launches.

This is especially useful for apps that use branded launch screens. If left alone, AdaptiveZoom still animates an app to the center of the screen when it is opened.

The update also makes AdaptivePack play nicer with adaptive icons. Introduced as a companion app, AdaptivePack includes full adaptive icon support to devices not yet running Android Oreo. The app also offers Oreo users stock themed adaptive icons for apps that do not natively offer them yet.

Action Launcher now includes a fallback option that prioritizes an app’s native adaptive icon if one exists. If it does not exist, AdaptivePack uses the stock-themed variant. Finally, apart from improvements to zooming animations and the inclusion of new folder and drag animations, Action Launcher’s bundled calendar icons for Google Calendar now use adaptive icons.

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