Always-on ambient display removed from the OnePlus 6 after the first update

On the same day that the OnePlus 6 went on sale, an update was sent out to the phone that added an option allowing users to hide the infamous notch.

It also gave them the ability to shoot super slow motion videos at 720p@480fps and 1080p@240fps. It also included the quick capture feature for portrait mode. But the update also took away a feature that many OnePlus fans wanted to see on the new model.

Gone in a flash was the option to enable an Always-on ambient display on the OnePlus 6. The screenshot that you see below shows that this option was going to be a real choice on the handset before the update removed it. The other setting option, “Lift up display” is now the only choice that users have.

Some say that the Always-on ambient display ate through battery life like a warm knife goes through butter. Other say that it was just being tested. Hopefully, we will see the Always-on ambient display return in a future update.


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