Android 11 first developer preview features

Google has rolled out the Android 11 first developer preview.

Thefirst developer preview of Android 11 is based on:

  • User privacy protections with new permission option
  • Image decoder and camera features support
  • Better Biometric security
  • API’s for 5G and foldable devices and New app enhancements
  • Appscompatibility for Pinhole and waterfall screens

First developer preview beta for Android 11 is available for Google Pixel devices and its access is only for developers.


  1. Built-in screen recorder: it brings a built-in screen recorder.
  2. Notification History: it allows you to check the notification history, it will show you recently dismissed section.
  3. Dark Mode Scheduling: it introduces Dark Mode Scheduling on “Auto” and “Custom”.
  4. Bubbles: Bubble feature will support third party messaging apps.
  5. App pinning: It brings back the app pinning feature with up to 4 apps in default.
  6. Mute Notification during video: Notifications can be muted while recording video.
  7. One time permission: It will approve temporary access through one-time permission and apps will need to request permission again for the next access.
  8. Airplane mode will no interrupt Bluetooth: Bluetooth stays connected when the phone is on airplane mode.
  9. Scrollable screenshots: brings the scrollable screenshot option.
  10. Touch sensitivity: It brings the option to increases the sensitivity of your touchscreen.
  11. More on Project Mainline: Project mainline gives users the ability to update parts of Android through the Play Store. In Android 11, Google added 12 new updatable modules, for a total of 22 modules.


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