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Android vs. OxygenOS: Carl Pei said ‘Don’t delete this poll’ on Twitter

Few hours ago, a Twitter user starts a poll asking people “what do you prefer?” between Pure Android and OxygenOS. Carl Pei, OnePlus co-founder, replied to Twitter poll. Mr. Pei said, ‘Don’t delete this poll’. Why he replied that?

Last week, Xiaomi ran a Twitter poll asking people to choose between MIUI 9 and Android One. But things didn’t go good for Xiaomi, at last known count, Android One was leading by 57%, with the remaining 43% going to MIUI 9. Xiaomi should have accepted the defeat gracefully instead of deleting the tweet.

Well, this is looking same for current poll made by twitter user. At this moment over 9,000 people voted on it and Pure Android is leading by 56%, with remaining 44% going to OxygenOS. Hope Mr. Pei is all set to accept the same result as Xiaomi’s had.

android vs oxygenos

Well, we can see that more than half user still prefer Stock Android version. We know the reason. Let us know in the comments below, what do you prefer?


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