Apple planning to release OLED iPhone in 2017, Speeding up!

I am writing continuously about iPhone from last week. According to Nikkei(Chinese news organization), Apple is currently planning to introduce the first device with an OLED display next year. Previously, it has been rumored that Apple was thinking to use OLED technology by 2018 or 2019, but as report claims that Apple is little ahead of schedule and plans to launch iPhone with OLED next year.

According to report, Apple started reaching out to display providers. Apple is said to be near a deal with Samsung and LG upwards of $12 billion.



As reported in past that Apple would launch an iPhone with OLED display and redesigned curved build, the report claims that since the company is looking for OLED displays sooner than expected, that may not happen.

Generally Apple only changes the device design every other year, means if the iPhone 7 is released this year, possibly we will see a large similar iPhone 7S next year with an unchanged design. In place of design change, Apple can changes the components of the device, perhaps include the display technology. However, as reported, the iPhone 7 will feature a design largely the same as it’s predecessors, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.

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Apple attempting to speed up the process of adopting OLED display for iPhone’s is to reinvigorate sales of the device. The benefits of OLED, thinner than LCD technology and allow for deeper blacks. Apple currently using OLED in the Apple Watch, which puts the deeper blacks to good use. OLED is also more power-efficient than LCD and offers more bright colour.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI, Apple will not switch to OLED technologies until at least 2019. Anyway, it could very well be that Apple has speed up its rollout since that report was issued.

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