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I am here with the latest news about Apple’s upcoming smartphone. Like every time Apple Changes design for iPhone’s  and this latest leaks proving that 2016 iPhone’s will be the most radical till date. All the exciting changes are already being finalised for the latest Apple iPhone 7 reported by Korea’s Commercial Times.

One little question about Apple’s business. if you think growth is over at Apple’s iPhone, you have lot to think coming. And if you think Apple’s iPhone is on the extreme edge of decline, it means you haven’t been paying attention at all.

The Apple logo in the new Apple Store in New York City’s Grand Central Station. PHOTO: REUTERS

It seeming that either the iPhone 7, set to be released in September 2016, or next year’s iPhone 7S could arrive with a real reinvented smartphone. Check some important feature, going to make iPhone 7 most innovative smartphone of the year.

Ukrainian designer Herman Haidin imagines how the next iPhone could be constructed from liquidmetal

Wireless Charging Capability 

Rumoured last month that Apple was interested in adding innovative wireless charging capabilities to its new iPhone, using technology that would enable the handset to be re-charged autonomously from a far-reaching distance. Latest news hint that the Apple could launch it on their upcoming iPhone.

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Report from New York Post, Apple has partnered up with Energous to use their wire-free charging system named WattUp in iPhone. It is a two-part system that allows practically any type of device to be recharged wire-free from distances of up to 15 ft.

It uses a small chip – suitable for Apple, considering their size and design constraints – which receiving power from a transmitter. Its possibly mean that iPhone able to be recharged while in users hands or pocket, so long as they are in range of the charging signal.

If the rumours are true, Users will no longer need to be worry in remembering to charge their iPhone.

For now Apple watch have the wireless charging capabilities rather than their iPhone’s. It is little late in market with a particular technology for Apple. Wireless charging feature, which can allow user to charge iPhone in the pocket, would collect good attention globally.

Without thinking about the Apple’s promotional way, it is one of the important feature which could be necessity in future.


Ukrainian designer Herman Haidin investigates the possibility of a fully waterproof iPhone

One of the important feature. Apple was working hard to make it completely waterproof and now it seems they are ready to achieve the goal. It will give you the opportunity to think underwater photography.


Now It’s up to Apple for any final decision. So what will be the final step for Apple? May be abandon the headphone jack. Not sure about the decision, however, the rivals already had waterproof devices.

Aluminium Body

Jan-Willem Reusink's iPhone 7 concept design envisages a sharp-edged, all-metal frame. That could prove problematic for getting a radio signal, but the finish is crisp and smart.

Credits: Jan-Willem Reusink

Apple iPhone 7 will be constructed from Compound materials and it will allow wireless signals to pass directly through them reported by Commercial times. Material seems to be Sci-Fi, but it is actually company has been working on.

Interestingly Apple using cheapening materials metal oxide layer for finishing of body.

No Antenna Stripes

There is two things bug Apple’s design. First one the camera bulge on the back of the phone and second the important antenna ‘stripes’ of plastic.

The antenna stripes on iPhones (6S – left, 6S Plus, right) could be a thing of the past with the iPhone 7. Image credit: Gordon Kelly

The antenna stripes on iPhones (6S – left, 6S Plus, right) could be a thing of the past with the iPhone 7. Image credit: Gordon Kelly

This is a compromise forced upon aluminium body smartphones. The Commercial Times report that the stripes will become a thing of the past finally leading to a uniform finish.


Credits: Martin Hajek/

Apple iPhone 7 going to have a sapphire display, which would offer high security like a higher degree of scratch and shatter-resistance than the current Gorilla Glass. In fact Apple already using, the higher-end Apple Watch models have sapphire displays.
// we already know that Apple uses LED backlit LCD technology for the current iPhone’s Retina displays, and there has been rumoured that Apple will eventually switch to OLED displays, possibly in next 2 years. So, this would likely debut on whatever model succeeds the Apple iPhone 7.


Many sources posted that there would be a significant move in quality with the iPhone 6s camera, a 10 MP camera and a two-lens DSLR-style camera were presented as two different possibilities. the 6s performed the standard iPhone’s game with a improved quality of front-facing camera, and the 6S Plus featured optical image stability that deliver higher quality of video and photos in low light.

There is big expectation about the secondary camera this time. Many sources reported that the Apple iPhone 7 secondary camera will sit flush with the case, instead of sticking out slightly as iPhone 6 and 6s.

Apple iPhone 7 plus can come up with two secondary camera lenses to offer combine wide-angle as well as telephoto shots reported by KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo.

One Bad News About Apple iPhone 7:

It is reported so far. Till this date the iPhone 7 is doing very well promising a radical new design and screen size options, but now we have our first or may be next situation…

Reported by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who, for the last 18 months, has broken news of every major Apple device ahead of launch, says one key part of the Apple iPhone 7 will remain stuck in the past: its display.


In a leaked report, Kuo states that not only is Apple highly unlikely to finally move its iPhone line to AMOLED with iPhone 7 in 2016 but not for years after that. Kuo claiming that 2018 is the earliest we can expect Apple to migrate to a technology rivals have been using now for several years.

Source: bgr

Why This Is A Big Deal?

Why? Report saying AMOLED is significantly more power efficient than the LED-backlit IPS LCD panels Apple has been using for years. Combining this with plans for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to be just 6-6.5mm thick, which makes a much bigger battery for that generation unlikely. users won’t care, but with an increased resolution also on the cards many expected a move to AMOLED to be the enabler.
As such Apple thinking to have thinner iPhone 7 chassis with increased screen resolution and somehow still get good battery life, but its unlikely users are going to experience any improvement in iPhone 6s worst feature.

Time will tell the next step……

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