Big Screen Smartphone Size Comparison – Galaxy Note 8 vs Galaxy Note 7 vs Galaxy S8+ vs iPhone 7 Plus vs Google Pixel XL

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to debut a number of new features, and one of the most keenly awaited of those is the dual camera system on the rear of the phablet. Thanks to the publication of a number of technical documents, we have a better idea what the Note 8’s imaging system will be able to deliver.

Documentation from South Korea suggests that the Note 8 is going for the full suite of functionality from the advanced optical system.

According to the rumors iPhone 8 will be unveiled in September, ahead of what could be a later launch than usual. This would potentially pit the Apple handset against the new Google Pixel 2, with this device also expected to be released in the tenth month of the year.

We’ve got some pretty reliable numbers from CAD blueprints for the Galaxy Note 8 that could help shed some light on how big Samsung’s upcoming phablet will be. Let’s see how the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will stack up against its current competitors (and brethren) in terms of form and size!

Galaxy Note 8 | Galaxy Note 7 | Galaxy S8+

So first, we’ve got the Galaxy Note 8 vs Galaxy Note 7 vs the Galaxy S8+. The Note 8 will be just a notch taller than the S8+, measuring in at 162.5 mm, and it’ll also be about a millimeter wider as well. However, it will also boast a slightly larger, 6.3-inch display!

When compared to the Note 7, the Note 8 stands at almost a centimeter (0.39 in) taller, but it’s not that wider.

Galaxy Note 8 | iPhone 7 Plus | Google Pixel XL

Galaxy Note 8 just a tad taller and just a bit narrower than the 7 Plus, but just look at it! The Pixel XL, being very similar to the iPhone 7 Plus in terms of both size and screen-to-body ratio also feels, like, so 2016 when compared to the Note 8!

So, are you excited for the Galaxy Note 8? We bet many of you who were left disappointed by last year’s Note 7, and can’t get the Note 7 Fan Edition in their home country, are itching for an awesome new entry in Samsung’s Galaxy Note series. And the Note 8 is definitely shaping up as a great addition to the phablet family!

Expecting Samsung to go big on the imaging capabilities of the Note 8. These four key features show off four almost magical effects in a smartphone. Not only that, but the Note 8 will have first mover advantage over Apple and the iPhone 8.

Apple will be drawing on its experiences with the iPhone 7 Plus’ dual camera system, but Samsung has a traditional advantage in terms of image quality over Apple that could easily negate that, especially as it can set the story and be first to market with some of these features.

With hardware specifications looking to favour Samsung, and Apple’s iPhone 8 facing up to stock shortage issues, these dual camera features could be the keys that the South Korean company will use to convince consumers that the phablet they need is the Note 8.

Samsung will launch the phone on August 23 in an event in New York. The phone is a big deal for Samsung, with the Note line literally going up in flames a year ago because of faulty batteries. The Note 7 suffered through two recalls before being killed off less than two months after the device went on sale.

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