‘Breaking News’ Push Notifications Coming to Chrome For Android

The latest version of Google Chrome for Android Canary build has an interesting “flag”. Flags are experimental features that you can enable from chrome://flags page. The latest experiment says this:

“Listen for breaking news content suggestions (e.g. for New Tab Page) through Google Cloud Messaging. – Android”

Google uses these to test new features ahead of turning them on permanently, and lots of what we love about chrome started out as an optional flag.

The latest of these experiments to hit the Canary channel of Chrome for Android is a flag that could offer up push notifications for breaking news events.

Google is simply using one of their Android tools for developers to send breaking news notifications on Chrome. It sounds self-explanatory, and it will use the Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) platform to receive the news alerts. GCM was created for developers to send information to Android applications, but now it seems Google wants to try it out itself.

Chrome Story discovered the new flag but hasn’t received a notification yet, so we can’t say what it looks like. If anyone is curious and using Chrome Canary, why not enable it and see what happens.

Looks like this feature is in a very early stage of development. I do not see any option to personalize the breaking news alerts. Hopefully, we will see more details in coming weeks and months.

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