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Tips & Tricks: Change Color Preference Of Android Screen

Tips And Tricks

Sometimes mobile phones screen may not suit your eyes and start to strain your eyes while using at the night or maybe sometimes in the day as well. So the next time you are in an experimental mood, give a shot to the built-in grayscale mode. Once enabled, it wipes out the bright colors and replaces it with a monochromatic hue. And like TouchPoints, this one’s too lurking inside the Developer option. We all know that bright screens are the recipe for eye fatigue, so this nifty trick will save your eyes from further damage. What’s more, it also helps in saving the phone’s battery life.


1. Go to Settings.
2. Open Developer Options.
3. Under “Hardware Accelerated Rendering” Tap “Simulate Color Space”.
4. Tap To Choose Suitable Color Scheme.

Note: “Disabled” stands for normal mode.

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