Report: Samsung is now down to 2.2% of China’s smartphone market

According to the latest smartphone data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech reveals that in the three months ending October 2017, Samsung is now down to 2.2 percent of China’s smartphone market.

China is still the world’s largest smartphone market that attracted countless original equipment manufacturers in recent years, it’s now showing signs of maturing as major phone makers have already established their brands and products.

In the three months ending in October 2017, the top five brands – Huawei, Xiaomi, Apple, Vivo, and Oppo – made up 91% of sales, compared to 79% a year earlier.

Chinese company Xiaomi managed to overtake Apple as the fourth largest smartphone vendor in the country, no major changes have been recorded over the course of this year.

“Chinese brands like Meizu, LeTV, Coolpad, ZTE, and Lenovo were once on the same trajectory as like of Xiaomi, but any momentum they once had has abruptly stopped, with many struggling to get past a 1% share,” Sunnebo said. “Samsung’s performance in China continues to deteriorate, with its share now down to just 2.2% of that market.”

Samsung is presently trying to navigate the complex political landscape in the country by financially supporting some Chinese AI startups, thus contributing to Beijing’s AI-focused tech policy.

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