China Unicom and ZTE signed a 6G strategic agreement: performance target 1Tbps peak data rate

Makers Of Android May 18 News On May 17, 2020, on the 51st World Telecommunication Day, China Unicom and ZTE signed a 6G joint strategic cooperation agreement.

According to the content of the strategic cooperation agreement, the two parties will give full play to their respective innovation advantages in the 6G field, and jointly explore the 6G target vision and technology trends, carry out research on the potential key technologies of the 6G system, and carry out technological innovation and standards cooperation in light of China Unicom’s network and business conditions. Realize strategic and coordinated development.

China Unicom stated that follow-up China Unicom and ZTE will continue to strengthen cooperative research on 6G innovative technologies. On the one hand, the two parties will cooperate on 6G technology innovation and standard promotion. On the other hand, they will also actively promote the deep integration of 6G with satellite networks, the Internet of Things, the Internet of Vehicles, and the Industrial Internet to realize the expansion of operator services and services.

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ZTE stated that facing the 6G network in 2030, the two parties will conduct research on 6G high-potential key technologies, including air-space integration technology, terahertz communication technology, and visible light communication technology. In order to achieve the 6G network performance goals of KPIs such as 1Tbps peak data rate, 20Gbps user data rate, and 100Gbps / m3 service capacity.

Makers Of Android understands that 2020 to 2023 will be a research window for 6G network requirements, structure and enabling technologies.

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