[WISH LIST] Double-Tap gesture in Samsung One UI 3.0

Recently Google released the 2nd Android 11 Developer preview with some new features such as double-tapping in the back of the device will allow users to perform an action. This new gesture is called “Columbus” which is derived from the movie Zombieland character known for its “double-tap” controls.

The One UI 3.0 is based on Android 11, so it will be amazing to see the “Double-Tap” gesture in our Smartphone devices in the next major update of One UI.

According to RPRNA, the double-tap gesture allows users to perform a no. of action by tapping twice in the back of the device.


  1. Activate the voice assistant
  2. Snooze alarm
  3. Control media
  4. Stop timer
  5. Take Screenshots
  6. Open app switcher view or overview

This new gesture works by using sensors such as accelerometer and gyroscope to detect the double-tap actions on the back of the phone and respond respectively.

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Source: RPRNA

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