The First In-Display Smartphone Fingerprint Reader Will Come From Vivo

In case you are unfamiliar with Vivo, the company is one of the top five smartphone vendors on the planet according to the IDC Q1 2017 Tracker.

The company slipped one notch in Q2, but based on their India performance, is expected to re-take that spot. Earlier this week, Synaptics announced that it’s cracked the problem of embedding fingerprint sensors into displays and is mass-producing the tech for a “top-five” Smartphone vendor.

Integrating fingerprint sensors into displays is seen as a way to include convenient biometric authentication on phones with “all-screen” designs.

In a post for Forbes, analyst Patrick Moorhead detailed his experience with a pre-production Vivo phone equipped with the technology. Moorhead describes the sensor as “fast and simple,”.

While Synaptics claims it’s twice as fast as 3D facial recognition like Apple’s Face ID — though that’d be a hard thing to realistically measure considering the different mechanisms that each system uses in practice.

Vivo showed off a Qualcomm-powered fingerprint-sensing display prototype earlier this year, but it was said to be noticeably slow.

Whichever company might be partnering with Synaptics now, it’s almost certain that more will follow as 2018 goes along.

There’s a definite futuristic quality to being able to authenticate directly through the display, and UI designers would also find it easier to explain the function to neophyte users — so the demand and appreciation for this kind of technology is already out there.

It was supposed to be one of the highlight features of 2017 flagships, but now that the kinks seem to have been ironed out, the promise is shaping up to finally come to fruition next year.

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