First Update For OnePlus 6 Now Available As ROM, OTA Files

The full ROM and OTA files of the first software update to the OnePlus 6 are now available for download by interested users. The software package upgrades the device to OxygenOS 5.1.3 and it will bring support for super slow-motion videos.

This means that after users install the software package, owners of the OnePlus 6 can now record 720p video clips with frame rates of up to 480fps and 1080p video clips with a maximum frame rate of 240fps.

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It should be noted that while the slow-motion videos captured by the OnePlus 6 have much lower frame rates compared to the videos recorded by the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Sony Xperia XZ2, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer’s latest product can record a minute-long slow-motion video, which is longer compared to the videos captured by the other two smartphones. In addition, the update will also bring support for quick capture mode for portrait shots.

Aside from enabling camera features, the software package will also improve the gallery app of the OnePlus 6 by bringing additional actions for files that were recently deleted by the user.

Furthermore, the update will also preload the OnePlus Switch application, a software that aids in the transfer of contacts, messages, and other data from an older handset to the OnePlus 6, and it will also add a new configuration for showing or hiding the device’s notch.

The software package will also install the May 2018 Android security patch to the smartphone. This security fix resolves a number of vulnerabilities found in the media framework, kernel, and the system portion of the Android operating system.

Users of the OnePlus 6 who may want to upgrade the operating system of their devices now may choose to download either the full ROM or the OTA files and flash them manually to the handset.

Before flashing the updates, it is important that users back up the files and images stored in the handset to an external microSD card or a personal computer to prevent loss of important data. In addition, people are advised to verify if the smartphone’s battery has sufficient charge to last the entire update process.

For other users who may not want to flash the ROM files, they may also wait for a notification from the device maker stating that the software package is now available for download.

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