Forget wallet, I’ll pay with Google|New payments app

Google was preparing too long to have this feature working, now “Pay with your voice”.

Hands Free” A new app released by Google on March 2, which allow people to pay for items in stores by simply telling the cashier, “I’ll pay with Google.”

The app, available for Android and Apple phones, is only being ship in a few locations including some McDonald’s and Papa John’s restaurants in the San Francisco.

Payment companies are looking for many experiments(like Hands Free app), which can offers new and easier way for payment. Now you have new option to pay with your phone, watch or car.



Initially consumers are happy paying with cards, though, seem to be slow to adopt these new methods. But, if an app(like Hands Free) can save them time and remove the hassle of even having to pull out their wallets, it could have a chance at grabbing active users.

The term of paying with your voice isn’t new. In 2011, Square(payments company) attempted an app similar to Hands Free, called Square Wallet.

Hands Free, It is separate from Android Pay mobile payments app.

According to report by Google:

“Once you’ve installed and set up the app, Hands Free uses Bluetooth low energy, Wi-Fi, and location services on your phone to detect whether you’re near a participating store. When you’re ready to pay, you can simply tell the cashier, “I’ll pay with Google.” The cashier will ask for your initials and use the picture you added to your Hands Free profile to confirm your identity.”

Google is also experimenting with an in-store camera to verify your identity automatically based on your profile picture. In security Google added, images and data from these camera’s are deleted immediately and can not be accessed by the stores in any case’s. Find more on official site of Hands Free.

It’s seem, Google is ready to mark another successful product in list. But will customers speak up? Let’s wait for next….

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