Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Best Feature Getting Early Release?

There’s strong evidence to suggest the forthcoming Galaxy Note 8 will come with twin rear cameras, but a new report suggests we may not have to wait so long for a dual-camera phone from Samsung.

Hopes were high for such a camera to debut in the current Galaxy S8 flagship and, although this didn’t arrive, it appears Samsung may have made attempted to fit one, only to pull the plug late in the design process, possibly along with an optically stabilised front lens.

Now, well-known leaker @mmddj_china has revealed in a recent tweet  that “The first Dual camera Samsung smartphone is not Note 8.”

Then, by way of clarification, a follow-up tweet,  complete with a hand-drawn sketch, reveals that a new ‘Galaxy C’ is to be the recipient of the new camera.

Subsequent tweets by @mmdj_china, strewn with ‘crying with laughter’ emoji, show mock-ups of some possible camera configurations on the ‘Galaxy C’.

Of course, a hand-drawn sketch wouldn’t usually be considered particularly convincing, and I’m taking this information with a rather larger than usual pinch of salt, but in the light of the many other leaks hinting at Samsung dual-cameras, it’s certainly highly plausible.

It would also make Samsung rather late to the game when it comes to this technology. While the Galaxy S phones have been widely acclaimed for their excellent camera hardware, which mitigates the need for a second lens module when it comes to pure picture quality, there are certain tricks which just aren’t possible with a single lens smartphone camera. Most notable among these is the iPhone 7 Plus’ popular ‘Portrait Mode’, which mimics the effect of DSLR photography by blurring the background of the image to make the subject pop.

On the other hand, experimenting with such a radically new camera hardware in the company’s most important smartphone, the Galaxy S8, could have been seen as simply too risky at a time when Samsung simply couldn’t afford to make any mistakes following the Galaxy Note 7 battery debacle.

Launching the feature in a different model would, therefore, provide a safer way to try out the technology and iron out any kinks before committing it to the company flagship.

So whether or not we see a Galaxy C before the launch of the Galaxy Note 8, it certainly looks like dual cameras are finally part of Samsung’s vision.

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