Samsung Galaxy Note 8: tipped to bring back the Galaxy S8’s worst feature

New Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leaks have suggested that the phone will play host to the Galaxy S8’s worst feature.

While it had been suggested that the new Note would offer a futuristic fingerprint scanner embedded within the handset’s screen, new leaks have now surfaced contradicting these claims.

Instead, like the S8, the Note is now expected to feature a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.

Although many Android phones offer rear-mounted fingerprint scanners, the S8 has come under criticism for the placement of its biometric sensor.

That’s because instead of following the masses and offering a a centralised fingerprint sensor, Samsung tried something different.

The S8’s sensor is located up and to the side of the phone’s inbuilt camera.

As well as being fiddly to reach, this placement has another problem.

Many S8 owners have complained that the sensor’s placement also results in their camera’s lens becoming covered in image-hampering stray fingerprints.

Although it had been hoped the Note 8 would move to a sub-screen fingerprint sensor, the manufacturer itself has now reportedly confirmed this won’t be the case.

That’s according at least to South Korean news outlet Naver which has quoted an unnamed Samsung exec.

“We made every effort to install a display-integrated fingerprint sensor on Galaxy Note 8, but we decided not to install it on this strategic phone due to various technical limitations such as security,” they reportedly said.

It’s long been known that Samsung is working on sub-screen sensors, with the manufacturer openly admitting as much.

It’s not alone in its pursuit either.

Apple is also known to be working on the tech, with the iPhone 8 its target for such an inclusion.

Like the S8, it’s expected that the Note 8 will need to relocate its inbuilt fingerprint scanner due to a growing display.

With the S8 having moved to a near edge-to-edge 5.8-inch Infinity Display, it’s biometric-hosting physical home button was killed off.

Recent leaks have claimed the Note 8 will adopt a similar design.

A phone tipped for a September unveiling, the Note 8 will be a device tasked with resurrecting Samsung’s stylus-hosting phablet fortunes.

Last year’s Galaxy Note 5 was plagued by issues, eventually being hit with not one, but two global recalls due to combusting batteries.

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