Galaxy S10’s UD fingerprint reader won’t work with screen protectors

Troubling news for those of you who want to keep a screen protector on your phones for some extra peace of mind. According to the latest rumor, the Galaxy S10’s under-display fingerprint reader won’t work with screen protectors.

The vanilla Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10+ will make use of a new in-display fingerprint tech. It is believed that they will introduce the ultrasonic fingerprint technology that tends to be more reliable, faster and more accurate than the currently existing optical fingerprint tech. However, there might be a big downside as per this tweet.
Armadilotek claims to have tested its products on the Galaxy S10 and all screen protectors prevented the fingerprint scanner from operating properly. But there might be more to it than we think.

First off, we don’t know if the company tested all possible materials and which ones they tested. There’s glass and there’s plastic. Also, Samsung could come up with in-house screen protectors that work. We’ll know for sure once the phones hit the market – probably in early March.

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