Game Review : Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

Game Review : Sachin Saga Cricket Champions


  • Sachin Tendulkar
  • Historically accurate Legend mode


  • Major bugs
  • No bowling or practice mode
  • Stale gameplay
  • Poorly thought out Events mode
  • Aggressive monetisation

The game is free to download for Android and iOS.Sachin Saga Cricket Champions has the official blessing of the cricketer, which is how the game uses his name and likeness. This is pretty much the biggest selling point of the game, and will draw a lot of people to it.

You can watch an unskippable ad to play that ball again. Each legend mode match costs one energy point to play, and the bar recharges whenever you level up, otherwise you get one energy point every 30 minutes. You can buy unlimited energy for 450 gems, which you can purchase for around Rs. 250. The game also has other consumables such as Event Tickets, Coins, and Starter Packs.

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