Google+ Adds Delete, Report, And Block Action For Comments

Google+ has just added a much requested feature. If you regularly encounter spam on Google+, at least now it is easier to deal with the spammers. This new functionality won’t help keep spam out, but it will make it easier for you to remove the spammers, and since it does include “block”, it means that they won’t be back (unless of course they make a new profile or account).

An engineer manager at Google, Leo Deegan, announced the new feature on his Google+ account. The Company is rolling out a feature over the next few days that will allow you to perform a delete, report, and block action on comments on your posts. Similar to the remove, report, and ban action Google launched a while ago for community moderators.

“To invoke this feature, select “Delete, report, and block” from a comment. You can optionally select “Also delete recent comments by this user” if you want to additionally remove recent comments from the user on your posts.”


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