Google Allo For Web Alerts You When Your Phone’s Battery Is Low

Google Allo Web

It is looking like Google is certainly trying to bring more attention to the app. Allo on the web now has a low-battery alert for your phone so that if you’re using Allo on the desktop to chat with friends and family. A user recently spotted a feature within the app which alerts you when your phone’s battery is low.

The alert, which pops up just above the “start a chat” button and just below your profile icon that swings out the hamburger menu when clicked, will be a little yellow box that tells you to connect your phone to a charger if you wish to continue chatting without any interruptions, so if you see this message then you will definitely want to heed its advice and plug your phone in.

This feature is designed to keep the conversation going on Allo for Web by reminding the user to keep their phone topped off.  It is not necessarily keeping a watchful eye on your smartphone’s battery life, as soon as it gets to a certain point you can still be on the up and up to make sure that you plug your device in before losing all of the battery power and the phone ends up dying on you instead. It’s unclear what your battery level needs to fall to in order to trigger this, but it’s probably somewhere between 10%-20%.

This isn’t really a huge new change for the service but it is a thoughtful one that while minor, still helps improve the experience for users all the same because it will make sure that you’re able to continue using it, and in the end that’s what it’s all about for Google, ensuring that users are continuing to interact with its services and products.

Source: Droid-Life

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