Google Assistant likely to get custom hotwords soon [Google app 7.20]

An update is being prepared for Google Assistant to work more robust on voice recognition with custom hotwords, an evidence found in the APK of the most recent version of the Google App seems to suggest that Google is already trying to prepare the Google app for this kind of support.

Google Assistant currently responds to “Hey Google” and “OK Google”. Soon, users might be able to set their own hotword to interact with the Google Assistant. Soon, you might be able to say “Hello Google”, “Oi Google” and “Namaste Google” instead. For now, “Hey Google” and “OK Google” are here to stay, and you can add only one additional phrase, but we’re certain that the number will increase soon.

There are currently no hotwords mentioned specifically, but the code inside of the APK does mention that it will be possible to teach Google Assistant to recognize a hotword that allows it to activate similar to now when you say Ok Google or Hey Google, then users would be able to follow up the hotword with a particular command that they want Google to complete.

In addition to setting up custom hotwords in the future, it also looks like Google is finally getting Google Assistant ready to allow for a secondary language. Under the settings for the app, in the Google Assistant menu, there will be a new sub-menu listed as “language” which will set the primary and secondary language options as users want.


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