Google updates Assistant interface with brighter background and rounded interface

Google Assistant is now gaining that new interface. Google Assistant has been slowly rolling out new UI for quite a while now. The mobile search site recently switched to new layout, and the in-progress Chrome redesign has it too.

Assistant has now fits in with this design language, as a visual change has started to roll out to users, it features a brighter background and rounded interface elements.

As you can see in the screenshots, the background is white instead of a light gray, and the buttons now have a slight shadow.

“Users will immediately notice the white — instead of light gray — background, while cards, carousels, and speech boxes now feature more rounded corners.”

Design complaints aside, the completely white UI isn’t doing my eyes any favors.

“Interestingly, chips add a bezel that result in a raised, three-dimensional appearance that make suggestions more prominent. This applies to every one, including the thumbs-up/down emoji for providing feedback to results.

Notably, it appears that the “Share screenshot” chip is making a comeback following its disappearance after Google added a command to take screen captures.

The “Your Stuff” tab that lists your Reminders, Agenda, Orders, Shopping List, and Shortcuts also gain rounded cards, though Assistant app carousels in the “Explore” page still have rectangular cards. “

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