Google Launches “Datally” Android App To Manage & Save Mobile Data

Datally Android App

Google wants to help users control their data usage and plans to do so with its latest app called “Datally”. Google has announced the launch of a new app to help users understand, control, and save on their mobile data.

Back in June, we saw Google testing out an application called Triangle. At the time, the data-saving tool was only being beta tested in the Philipeans. It looks like Google had a positive response to Triangle as the search giant has made it available for everyone to download and has renamed it Datally.

While phones running Android 7.0 and above have data-saving tools at the app-level built into the operating system, they can be hard to find and use correctly. With Datally, users can open the app and see exactly how much data has been used during a particular period of time, which apps have been pulling the most data, and the ability to restrict background data usage.

Additionally, there is a “Find Wi-Fi” button in Datally that lists all nearby hotspots being provided by restaurants and other businesses.

According to Google, after testing the app in the Philippines for a few months, most people using Datally were able to save up to 30 percent on their data. Starting today, Datally is available worldwide via Google Play Store, but keep in mind that it requires Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher.

Download Datally from Google Play Store

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