Here’s What Google Must Do To Compete With Others

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Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are coming very soon. They are 2017’s last major smartphone releases and the two models are likely to meet very different reactions due to controversial design differences.

We’ve seen flagship smartphones from Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Apple, and others this year, which means we’ve just got one more major name to go – Google.

Google must set a goal for itself at its Pixel 2 press event: prove why it believes its latest smartphones can keep up with the heavyweights.

By holding a press event in early October, Google has sandwiched its smartphone announcements between the iPhone 8’s release and the iPhone X’s impending release.

Google will—intentionally or not—force consumers to draw comparisons between its new handsets and those from Apple. Ultimately, Google’s chances of even coming close to matching iPhone sales numbers in the fourth quarter and beyond are slim, if not nil.

But if the reports are true, Google will pitch its Pixel 2 handsets as viable alternatives to even Apple’s $1,000 iPhone X. And that’s where the company could have some trouble.

According to reports, Google will announce two new Pixel smartphones at its event on Wednesday.

According to the leaks Pixel 2 XL has a massive 6-inch display (up from 5.5-inches in the Pixel XL) while the Pixel 2 has disappointingly massive top and bottom bezels wrapping a 5-inch display just like its predecessor.

Pixel 2 XL will also run on the Snapdragon 835 and at a rumored price of $949, the Pixel 2 XL could clock in at around the same price as the $999 iPhone X. No one is suggesting that the Pixel 2 can knock Apple from its perch as the preeminent high-end smartphone seller in the world.

But if Google wants its Pixel 2 to stand out, it’s unlikely the rumored Pixel 2 will get the job done. Looking around at the Android smartphone market, one company stands above the rest: Samsung

Earlier this year Samsung released the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, two smartphones that were universally celebrated for their outstanding design and high-end power.

Samsung followed up that success last month with the Galaxy Note 8, a handset that has a similar design to the Galaxy S8 line, but lets users digitally write on the screen with an accompanying S Pen stylus. Pixel 2 might not even be able to trump Samsung’s 2017 smartphones, let alone the iPhone X.

Recently released images purporting to show the Google Pixel 2 show an attractive smartphone, but not one that’s as nice-looking as the Galaxy S8. And since Samsung’s smartphones come with the same Snapdragon processor, Google’s Pixel 2 might not have a power advantage.

Samsung will soon bring Android Oreo to its Galaxy smartphones, preventing the Pixel 2s from getting a software advantage. And all that fails to mention that Samsung’s smartphone sales have been strong all year, suggesting consumers really like what they see from the company.

According to the report Market analyst says demand for Apple’s upcoming iPhone X is exceedingly strong. The new handset is so attractive to consumers, in fact, that they’ve even ignored Apple’s other new smartphone, the iPhone 8, to wait for its flagship model.

It’s possible that the rumors are wrong and that Google has a surprise up its sleeve. It’s also possible that it could succeed in the face of the iPhone X and Samsung’s smartphones.

However, to not acknowledge that the smartphone industry has been dominated chiefly by Apple, but also by Samsung over the years would be foolish. Now it’s Google’s turn to try its luck.

But with the massive shadow cast by iPhone X and even Samsung’s smartphones, the Google will need to do something special at its press event to even have a chance at breaking out from the pack.

Google’s event starts at 9am San Francisco time, which is 12pm in New York, 5pm in London, 6pm in Berlin, and 3am in Sydney if you’re thinking of following along with the live stream (check Google’s YouTube channel for details).

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