Some Google Pixel 2 making clicking and high-pitched sounds

Google investigating reports of Pixel 2 XL screen burn-in problems, but it’s not alone in hardware complaints. Now it looks like the HTC-made Pixel 2 has at least one notable issue of it’s own. Number of Pixel 2 owners have been complaining about clicking and high-pitched sounds coming from the phone.

One thread on the Pixel User Community has more than 100 confirmations of the issue. Most of the reports are from Pixel 2 owners, but one of them has noticed the same issue on his Pixel 2 XL, so it’s not entirely exclusive to Pixel 2.

As a response, Google is asking people encountering the problem to start the RMA process.

So the temporary solution:-

Turning off NFC seems to fix the clicking, but the high-pitched whine seems to be unrelated. Google Support told one person that a fix for both is being released “this upcoming week,” but it’s always best to take answers from support staff with a grain of salt.

These are the instructions Google Support gave to one user.

We only have the 2 options to get you another device. We can do what we call Advanced Replacement. With this, I send you labels for the original phone and a link to order the replacement. We don’t charge you, but there is an authorization hold placed on your payment method until we receive the original phone. This lets you keep using the phone you have while you wait and is usually the faster option.

We also have the option for a Standard Exchange. With this, you send the bad phone back first and when it reaches our warehouse, a replacement is shipped out. This way typically takes 5-10 business days and requires no authorization hold, but you are without the phone during that time.

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