Google’s new Pixel 2 promo focuses on fast-charging and assistant

Google pixel 2 new promo ads

Google launched a new advertisement for the Pixel smartphones, its latest pair of Android flagships that went on sale last month and are currently making their way to various markets around the world.

It’s been a troubled few weeks for Google when it comes to their latest Pixel 2 flagship smartphone, but that doesn’t take away the fact that it’s an impressive device. And in case you have any doubt about that, Google’s new ad for the device is here to quell that. The video focuses on several useful day-to-day scenarios where the phone can be of help, like it can remember your bike lock code for you, provide accurate weather forecasts, and even snap a selfie when user says “take a selfie.”

The company’s video ads launched in recent times are all lighthearted and crammed with content which they present in an extremely straightforward manner, presumably in an attempt to mimic the streamlined designed of its products and services.

The new video has the woman seen above ask whether the Pixel 2 phones ever run out of storage to which the narrator responds negatively, then confirms she can take as many photos as she wants with the device.

Instead of immediately moving on to the next feature, the following shot has the character take photos of her coffee in a seemingly obsessive-compulsive manner that’s presented in an entertaining light, thus driving home the point that Google’s new handsets feature essentially unlimited storage thanks to their ability to tap into the firm’s Google Drive servers at no extra cost to the end user.

Much like the “satisfyingly not new” headphone jack dig from last year, the ad also contains a beautiful jab at Apple’s popular smartphone range. This time the punchline is the iPhone’s stringent storage compared to the Pixel 2’s unlimited cloud storage for photos.

In the ad, a woman asks whether she’ll ever see a “Storage Full” notification on the Pixel 2 when taking photos. The notification which pops up in the middle of the commercial is clearly a straight copy of an iOS-style alert. Brutal.

The cameo is one more piece of evidence suggesting that Google is largely targeting iPhone users with the Pixel 2 devices and not just catering to Android enthusiasts like it did with the now-discontinued Nexus lineup.

It’s a really great ad with a lot of emphasis on Assistant and the Camera, arguably the two best features of the new Pixels, and some mentions of water-resistance, fast data transfers when switching from other phones, unlimited photo storage, spam call filtering, and fast charging.

“It charges in 15 minutes,” Do you really think that?

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