Some Pixel 2 And Pixel 2 XL Are Randomly Rebooting, Likely Due To LTE Modem

google pixel 2 clicking sounds software update

Some owners of the Google Pixel 2 devices have been experiencing random reboots with the handsets while connected to cellular data. Lately, a handful of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL owners have been noticing that their phones are randomly rebooting, and the cause is apparently tied to the LTE modem.

The issue appears to have started late last month when users of the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL began flooding the Pixel User Community page on the Google Product Forums portal with complaints about the random reboots occurring on their handsets, though the cause of the problem was initially not known to them. Thanks to one owner who was able to trace the root cause of the trouble, it now looks like an issue with the devices’ LTE modem is the culprit.

However, one user was able to track down what is likely the cause for most people — the LTE modem. Nader Babbili claims on Google’s Pixel product forums that the LTE modem is a cause for these random reboots, as switching to 3G-only actually solves the problem.


I KNOW WHY THIS IS HAPPENING!!!  It’s from being in a low signal area and LTE – for example when I’m at home on wifi it rarely happens, once I leave my wifi area (low signal area, LTE comes and goes)  reboots happen constantly . . .  So I went into Settings -> Network and Internet -> Mobile Network and change Preferred network type to only use 3G = NO MORE REBOOTS! Can someone else please confirm this? Obviously leaving LTE off is not feasible, but hopefully it points Google in the right direction for fixing this . . . . .
I’ve narrowed it down even more . . .  the area that it continuously reboots with LTE has a Wilson Cell Amplifier in the area, I got access to be able to unplug it temporarily . . . . and low and behold LTE is on, and no more reboots . . . . so the Amplifier is the culprit . . . . either the phone doesn’t know how to work with a boosted signal or the booster doesn’t know how to work with Pixel . . .

According to Android Police this information, combined with earlier mentions of issues with the modem in the Issue Tracker thread, make it seem like the reboots are related to the modem, which is possibly causing kernel panic when in LTE mode.

For its part, Google has been trying to help users individually by giving instructions on how to troubleshoot the problem including factory reset and safe mode, some of which produced no useful results. Hopefully, a future software update can solve the problem.

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