Google Pixel 2 order is delayed a month, offering a free Live Case as compensation

Google Pixel 2 White Delivery Delayed

You ordered White Pixel 2? For those of you with recently delayed Pixel 2’s, check your e-mail. This time, the white models seem to be in particularly short supply.

Several people who ordered the Pixel 2 in white are getting notices from Google that their orders have been pushed back by a month, but Google is offering a free Live Case as compensation to them.

However long the delay ends up being, Google will apparently provide a code for a free Live Case to make up for the issues. Keep an eye on your email for that, too.

Several buyers who bought the Pixel 2 with an October ship date only to have that date slip all the way to late November. A few posts on Reddit discuss a similar issue.

Below you can check the email posted by one of Reddit user:

Hi, Astarbllr Thanks for your recent purchase of a Pixel 2 on Google Store. It’ll take a little longer than we estimated to get your phone to you. Please click here for the new shipment dates. We’re sorry for the hassle and would like to make it up to you with a free live case for your Pixel 2*. Just add one to your cart and enter (code) at checkout. If you don’t want to wait, you can cancel your order by requesting a callback here or following cancellation instructions here and you’ll receive a prompt refund. The Google Store Team

Another Reddit user claimed similar information:

My Pixel 2 was supposed to ship on OCT 23rd but now will ship November 23rd. But they’re giving a free Live Case. Anyone else get the email today.

I ordered a 5 inch White Pixel 2, 64GB.

Shipping delays on Pixel phones are nothing new. It took months for Google to get out from under the backlog for the original Pixel.

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