Google investigating reports of Pixel 2 XL slower fingerprint unlock on Android 8.1

google pixel 2 xl slow fingerprint scanner issue

Some owners of the Google Pixel 2 XL devices have been experiencing that it takes just a bit longer to unlock the device when using the fingerprint reader.

This isn’t a totally new issue, but rather one we’ve been seeing off and on since the Pixel’s launch. There are other various reports of this floating around on Reddit. One User Mentioned:

“Anyone else’s fingerprint unlock slower than before the 8.1 update. My Pixel 2 XL’s screen takes a good second before screen turns on. This just started after performing the update.”

Thankfully, Google does seem to be looking into it. It isn’t a very serious problem, as the only disadvantage is the extra bit of time it takes to use your phone, but compared to the nearly-instantaneous unlocking the Pixel 2 XL previously had, it is a bit unfortunate.

A top contributor says: “All the team is aware of this and are looking into it,” and the community manager Orrin says:  “I’ll be reaching out privately for bug reports and other information.”

Now that the issue has Google’s attention, we probably won’t have long to wait before it gets resolved. We can’t say if every Pixel 2 XL updated to 8.1 is affected. It could be that this is a universal problem and most people just haven’t noticed, but it is just as possible that only some of us are experiencing the issue.

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