Google Pixel XL 2 Made By LG Shows Up At The FCC!

Google’s Pixel XL 2 has shown up at the FCC for certification which suggests the device is nearly ready to present itself to the public as the FCC is one of the last stops for a device before it hits store shelves.

This follows up the Pixel 2 device that passed through the FCC back in the middle of August, though that FCC appearance had more information to offer up to consumers about the device. With the Pixel XL 2, the only thing that can really be picked up from the documents is the list of supported network frequencies, which includes most of the bands currently being used by major carriers.

Unfortunately there is no other useful information included other than the fact that the phone is manufactured by LG, which is clearly stated in the documentation numerous times, and the model number of the phone which is labeled as ZNFG011C.

That model number may not seem like much, but it’s nearly the same as the model number for the Pixel 2 made by HTC, which is G011A, so at the very least when it comes to information about the upcoming Pixel XL 2 the model number listed should leave little doubt that this documentation is for the Pixel XL 2.

When it comes to confirmed details about the upcoming device, there’s literally nothing available, as to be expected, but there have been plenty of rumors and leaks which paint a picture of what to expect. For instance, the fact that LG will be manufacturing the device instead of HTC has been floating around for a while and this FCC arrival is about as unofficially confirmed as it gets.

The device is also rumored to come with the same aspect ratio that LG has used for the G6 and the recently announced V30, providing consumers with next to no bezels on the device display. The device is also rumored to potentially offer waterproofing this time around where the current-generation Pixel devices left this out, which was a big complaint from quite a few people as most top-tier flagship phones at the cost of the Pixel and Pixel XL offered water resistance.

There’s still a couple of weeks before Google’s rumored event on October 4th, which is plenty of time for more information to leak out about the two new Pixel phones.

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