Google rolling out a new feature for the Play Store to some users

google play store

Google seems to be rolling out a new feature for the Play Store to some users. The company is testing out a new section that shows notifications for app updates, offers, and more in the Play Store.

Apparently, this page will group all your app and games related notifications, so you can manage them easily.  In the side menu of the Play Store, some users are seeing a new Notifications section, right below My Apps & games.

Tapping on it opens a dedicated Notifications screen, where both of our tipsters have only seen the below “You’re all caught up” graphic. It appears that the screen will be used to show you “notifications about your favorite apps and games,” though what that exactly means, I’m not sure.

The Settings cog takes you to the pre-existing Notifications settings in the Play Store where you can enable notifications on app/game updates and auto-updates, as well as pre-registration and deals/promos.

So, that’s not very much different from what’s already there. We’re not sure how Google will use this section, and what notifications we’ll see. There is no information or details about this new feature at present, apart from the fact that it has popped up for some users.

Google keeps updating the Play Store very often, and some times you notice some UI changes here and there. This one though, is a little big than a small change. We’ll have to wait to find out what this new feature is all about.

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