Google releases May 2018 security patch, fixes Pixel XL charging bug

As a new month begins, we’re treated to a new set of security patches from Google for Android. Google has published the associated bulletin and started rolling out over-the-air updates for the devices it still supports.

While security updates are important, the headline fix this month is one for the charging bug introduced with the Android 8.1 release, affecting the original Pixel XL. This should be gone after you apply the May update. Additionally, Google has baked in some multitouch detection improvements for all devices.

As always, the over-the-air rollout may take a few days to reach every device out there. If you’re impatient you could manually check through Settings, it’s a method that should work in getting you the update immediately. Alternatively, you can download a system image or full OTA zip file and flash that onto your phone.

As noted by Nathan K in the Pixel User Community who dived deeper into the bug –

The OEM Google 18w charger (and OEM cable) is being overloaded by the Pixel 1 XL. The charger is only capable of 9v/2a, but the Pixel 1 XL (at least, mine on 8.1.0 OPM1) is drawing up to 2.8a+. This causes the charger to recognize an overcurrent fault condition, shut down, and reboot.

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