Google set to expand Google Assistant to many more countries this year

hey google

Google is expanding Google Assistant to many more countries this year, as the company officially announced that in 2018 it plans to launch the digital assistant tool in 38 new countries on top of the 14 where it’s already available, making for a total of 52 countries where Google will offer the assistant by the end of this year.

What’s more is that it plans to open up support for 17 new languages for Google Assistant as well which should make the tool a lot more useful to consumers who may already have access to it but may want to utilize their native language, and of course it’ll benefit those who have thus far not been able to use it due to the lack of language support.

It is now known that one of those will be the Netherlands, according to the Elger van der Wel who attended the Digital News Initiative Summit in Amsterdam today where Google unveiled the big news.

According to the image shared below by van der Wel shows the countries on the map where support will be added in Blue, so it’s possible to figure out where Google Assistant will launch in regards to where it isn’t already available, though it is still unclear when Google plans to release it in each new country.

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