Google is testing a new change to the Pixel Launcher, and nobody wants it

pixel launcher

It appears that Google is testing a new change to the Pixel Launcher which adds text to the search bar, and it’s looking really bad. This new change tosses a bit of text to the search bar which appears at the bottom of the screen on the Pixel Launcher.

Samples that have surfaced so far include just a simple “Search…” text where others say something along the lines of “Search apps and web…” As far as we can tell this is simply an A/B test, as there’s no reason why a specific text pops up or who gets it.

Adding text like this just takes away from Google’s clean design, and it seems that most users agree so far. Hopefully, this is one change that Google won’t keep expanding.

This text varies from user to user, but the general idea is to prompt searches on the web and apps on your phone.


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