Google Store, Project Fi Trade-In Kits; Now Providing Boxes Instead Of Flimsy Bag

When purchasing a new device through the Google Store or Project Fi and opting for the trade-in program, users get an appraisal on the value of their old device by filling out a questionnaire. After Google receives and checks the condition, customers will receive a credit card refund.

As part of the process, Google send users a free “trade-in kit” to ship their old phone. However, the first customers are discovering that the kit is quite flimsy and only consists of a tiny bubble-lined bag.

Image: Old Flimsy Bag

Google wants users to place their old phone in that bag and ship it off with an included shipping label. In fact, there were multiple reports of devices being damaged in transit as a result of the flimsy envelopes.

Well, that shouldn’t be a problem anymore, as Google has now switched to boxes. While you still can’t be guaranteed a credit on your phone until it is examined by Google’s partners, at least the chances of it arriving in one piece are a bit higher now.

Image: New Boxes

In comparison, trade-in programs from other companies, like Apple, provide ample packaging. The iPhone Upgrade Program provides a static sleeve that is placed in “protective packaging” that is separate from the larger included shipping box.

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