How do Samsung Galaxy S20 series phones prevent hardware attacks? Official Science

Makers Of Android news on May 16 According to Neowin reports, Samsung has officially released the new GALAXY S20 series of mobile phones, including the security chip developed by Samsung. The chip is part of the Knox platform and protects user data from advanced hardware attacks. Samsung also introduced in detail its own Secure Element chip to resist various types of attacks at the hardware level.

Samsung said it uses physical shielding to isolate confidential data stored on the device, and the Secure Element chip is a complement to Samsung ’s encryption tools. The chip can also detect irregular voltage or temperature changes to prevent attackers from maliciously tampering with the device hardware. In addition, the chip also has a security algorithm to prevent side-channel attacks.

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The Secure Element chip can also protect the Galaxy S20 when the screen is locked. The chip can prevent attackers from resetting the error counter (a tool used to track the number of unlock failures) to crack the PIN, pattern, or password. In addition, the chip can also protect Private keys or sensitive data on third-party applications.

It is worth noting that the chip can be used by other OEM-made devices in addition to being integrated into the Galaxy S20 mobile phone.

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