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Tips & Tricks: How To Change App Icons

How To Change App Icons

Bored with old stock app icons? and want to change them without using a launcher app? well, you can do it with an app. Awesome Icon is a simple app with a simple process: it’s a shortcut creator. You pick an app, an icon, and a label, and Awesome Icons creates a new app shortcut on your home screen to use instead of the one you’d find in your app drawer. The shortcuts can then be moved around to your intended place on the home screen, even folders and docks.

How to do it:-

follow these simple steps to change icons

1. Install Awesome Icons app from Google Play.

2. Open Awesome Icons App and click on + icon to select the app that you wish to change the icon of.

3. Select an app from the list

4. Tap on the icon you want to change, either Launcher or Shortcut icon.

5. Select icon location from this popup.

6. After selecting an icon, it’ll look like this, tap ok to finalize it.

7. And here we’re, successfully changed the icon

More of this app, you can download or import icon packages, and it is also available in pro version as well.

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